It's a bit different ... but give it a go!
YFC, Countrysider's and OPEN Classes to Past, Present, and Future Members and ALL Supporters of YFC! 

General Rules

  • Each class is open entry and no restriction on the number of entries per club. 

  • All entries must be emailed by 5pm on Wednesday 08 July 2020.

  • Entries must be emailed to

  • Each class must be sent by separate email.

  • The subject line must read Class Number, Name and Club

  • Each class should not include the name on the piece of work so that anonymous judging can be carried out as normal. 

  • Where stated, please ensure to provide four photos of you making and creating the competition. 

  • Entries will be posted to the Norfolk YFC Facebook page anonymously with the top four being displayed on all social media platforms for each class. 

  • Results will be decided by judges for each class. 

  • Clubs will only be awarded one set of points per class. 

  • Results will be announced on Facebook on Sunday 12thJuly 2020 and a full list of results will be emailed round by Friday 17thJuly 2020. 

  • Awards will be made to the clubs at the County AGM later in the year. 

  • Open classes will be judged but the points will not go towards overall results.

  • Most importantly, have fun, enjoy and make the best of the situation this year