July 05, 2020

We are looking for a PR & Marketing Executive to join our small team in our office in Beccles.

Kendalls is a PR and marketing agency specialising in agriculture, rural affairs and associated industries, ranging from environment and energy to animal health and welfare, so we would be looking for someone with knowledge of the agricultural industry. For this reason, we thought it would potentially be a good role for Norfolk YFC members.

Check out the link for more information! 

June 07, 2020

Winter Sheep Grazing

What'We are a family farming partnership from North Yorkshire looking for arable farmers in Norfolk or surrounding areas that would interested in taking in sheep on brassicas, cover crops or grass leys over the winter period. Growing of the above crops would be down to the farmers to organise as would the fencing and lookering of the sheep. The sheep would arrive on farm anytime between a September and December depending on what’s available and then leave anytime between February and May, again depending on crops that are following the sheep.
Turnips are our preferred choice as we believe they give us and the farmer the best returns although we understand brassicas don’t fit into everyone’s rotation so would be interested in anything.
We would pay a set amount per sheep per week while the sheep were with you and pay/organise all transport to and from your holding. If there’s any moves to do on farm while the sheep are there, it would be down to the farmer to organise and pay for that.
We also offer different payment options to suit individual farmers needs depending on much or how little work they want to put into the arrangement.
We have references available from a farmer near Norwich if needs be and can also provide references from a couple of farmers in Lincolnshire if required.
Please either call or message me on 07891918980 or email me at for more information.
Many thanks,
Robert Atkinson 

May 25, 2020

Motivated and hardworking staff required full time with the opportunity to work and learn experience on our 80 hectare modern top fruit farm located in Norfolk/Cambridgeshire. 

Various work included within; 

Fruit Production 

Machinery Operating 

Orchard Maintenance 


If interested, for more info please contact ; 

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